Nurel 15 Apartment

Nurel 15 Apartment

Price List 1.Floor 2.Floor 3.Floor 4.Floor 5.Floor
3+1 Apartments 66.000stg 68.000stg 70.000stg 72.000stg 74.000stg
2+1 Apartments(Without shower) 55.000stg 57.000stg 61.000stg 63.000stg 65.000stg
2+1 Apartments (With shower) 57.000stg 59.000stg 63.000stg 65.000stg 67.000stg
6.Kat 1 + 1 Penthouse Apartments 60.000stg

  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Specially designed kitchen
  • Double glazed PVC windows
  • Flooring selection - Granite - Ceramic - Laminate flooring
  • TV, AC, Phone infrastructure in every room
  • Open Kitchen
  • Exchange deeds
  • 2 for 1 ton water tank on the roof and floor
  • Balcony
  • Full water and heat insulation + solar energy
  • Bathroom sinks, balcony edges and apartment entrance natural marble
  • Schindler elevators brands
  • Aluminum railings
  • Exterior walls are stone cladding
  • Interior doors are American Press
  • Intercom, Parking Garage
  • Garden entry remote

It is honor for us to present you Nurel 15 with a new style apartment building; with classic architecture; water, heat and sound insulation in Kyrenia North Cyprus.

Our one-bedroom penthouse apartment on the 7th floor is comfort, spaciousness and is designed specially for customers. Building is surrounded by green space in front and by a garden wall, with automatic gates for entry and exit car parking, so it is easy to use. Colors of the walls, parker elections and many more fully detailed selection can be made according to customer's tastes and choices.

Nurel 15 Promo