About Us

Entering the Architectural world in 2003. Arch. Eng. Redif Nurel opened his first office, aptly named Nurel Architecture Engineering. Starting in modest surroundings his office and personnel have grown steadily over the last years. Reliable and accurate his business slowly grew to incorporate not only design and construction work, but also real estate work. Nurel Construction completed their first apartment project (Nurel 1 Apt.) in less than18 months, de to their dedication and organised approach, mainating control over all services throughout the project. What followed was a further development of 5 new apartment blocks, again finished within a remarkable time frame, further developing his activities into offices and commercial properties in and around the center of Kyrenia, Nurel Construction soon became a name to be recognised in the TRNC.

As a full service partner, Nurel Construction expanded their business to include, interior fit-outs, specialised carpentry and metal works and interior furnishings, offering potential clients a full service package. Facilities Management of Nurel built properties add to the wide portfolio of services being offered to ensure that buyers of Nurel built properties receive the highest levels of security, knowing that their investments are being maintained to the highest standards. From plumbing maintenance, pool management and service, central heating and solar energy systems to garden maintenance the Nurel Group, with their trained and friendly staff, ensure that clients feel truly supported and that quality, efficiency and speed are guaranteed.

Nurel Mobilya Toscana Arts with its 750 sqm. showroom caters to all tastes and likes for a discerning interior decoration. In combination with the in-house carpentry services, clients can receive a combination of specialised built in cabinets in combination with choice designer furnishings.

Our projects and past history draw testimony to our statements, guaranteeing our abilities, expertise and strengths. We endeavour to maintain these high standards and increase them with qualified , friendly personnel trained to serve your needs and purposes.

For this we stand with our name.

Redif Nurel
General Manager of Nurel Group of companies